Quality Policy:
We are committed to provide quality products and services, complying with customer’s standards and requirements by utilizing resources in an effective manner with an objective of continuous improvement in process;

We are committed to implement and maintain the Health Safety Environment Management System (HSEMS) in our jobs, in lines with our Corporate HSE Manual and PDO regulations to ensure safe working environment of our staff with their proper health care.

HSE Objectives:
- Promotion of HSE awareness among all employees.
- Prevention of accidents through hazards control & achieving an LTI-free contracts.
- Establishment of a live auditable HSE system to ensure HSE specifications are satisfied.
- Implementation of HSE training programs to ensure competent workforce.
- Assignment of a competent HSE professionals & to ensure HSE Plan’s implementation.
- Prevention of accidents through effective control of hazards, unsafe behavior/attitudes and all incidents reporting.
- Implementation of effective journey management system.
- Preserve and protect all locations of archaeological, historical and natural environmental interest in the areas of operation.
- Adherence to all PDO HSE requirements and applicable laws and statutes of the Sultanate of Oman.
- Adopting safe practices during chemical handling, supervision, sample collection and Laboratory testing.